“Seen from whatever perspective agriculture touches on every single aspect of human life.” —R. Steiner

This group will be a space to study the agriculture lectures Steiner gave in 1924. These lectures are the foundation of the Biodynamic farming and gardening methods and philosophy. Woven through the lectures are practical suggestions, observations and knowledge of the natural world and how to work with it using farming and gardening to grow food which nourishes the whole human being. 

The information presented in the lectures is better understood when shared in a group. Questions arise and different contemporary topics always relate to what was said at the time, making it a rich experience for everyone. 

Pricing options

Register for all 20 sessions for just £75 or purchase individual sessions at £4 each.

Study Group Structure

  • The group will meet every 2 weeks on a Wednesday evening from 19:30-20:30 (UK time)

  • A section of reading, set ahead of time, will be discussed at each session

  • The plan is to complete the lecture series in around 20 sessions (Introduction, 2 sessions per lecture and 4 sessions for the discussion sections)


Nir Halfon read the agriculture course for the first time in 1999. It was a study group held in the early hours on Friday mornings in Kibbutz Harduf in Israel. Since then he has participated in several study groups on the agriculture course. Everytime he reads them he finds new insights into nature, farming and food. Nir is passionate about education and training people in biodynamic and regenerative farming and gardening. He has been involved with the Biodynamic Agricultural College since 2009 as a teacher, administrator and since 2016 as a trustee. Until recently he was a grower at Plawhatch Farm and currently works at Plumpton College as a program manager.