Have you recently started working with a new piece of land? Or perhaps you've been on the same holding for many years but would like to integrate a new enterprise or simply find renewed inspiration. 

New Eyes for Land offers two parallel courses to build your observational skills and give you a holistic perspective of the land your working with, whether that's an allotment, a market garden or a farm.

The first course, Observation, develops your observational capacity which will serve you well in understanding your land. Observation exercises are designed to work alongside reading and recorded seminars. These present ideas in understanding nature, and how to think about nature in a more holistic way.

The second course, Farm Organism, takes students through the different elements of a holding (soil, plant, animal, both wild and cultivated) as well as looking at the unique location, the social and cultural activities and the sustainable elements of the holding.  By examining these different aspects of your land and layering these into an interrelated whole, you will gain a view of your holding with refreshed vision and new understanding.

Bundle includes

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Course Structure

  • Readings to introduce concepts and expand your knowledge

  • Activities, many of which take you away from the screen, designed to further your engagement and understanding of the subject

  • Video presentations

  • Live Q&A with experts – every 4 to 6 weeks we'll hold a live webinar with experts to answer your questions. Recordings of past Q&A sessions are also available to all participants.



Jonathan Code

Jonathan (BA, M.Ed) is an educator, author, crafts practitioner and gardener. He teaches and undertakes research in the 'fields' of consciousness studies, the western esoteric tradition, the history & philosophy of science, agroecology & agri-culture, and integrative education. Jonathan is a senior lecturer with the Crossfields Institute, a lecturer at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) Cirencester, and he runs workshops in crafts and practical skills contexts. Jonathan has contributed to Biodynamic education in the UK and internationally for over 20 years. His book Muck and Mind; Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture is distributed by Lindisfarne/Floris books.


Alysoun Bolger

Alysoun has been involved in biodynamic education and training for 20 years. She has also been a certification officer for BDA Organic and Demeter Certification in the UK and is currently on the Executive Board of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International. Originally from the US, Alysoun currently lives in the west of England and has been involved with BDAC online learning since 2012.

Instructor and BDAC Trustee

Nir Halfon

Nir is passionate about education and training people in biodynamic and regenerative farming and gardening. He has been involved with the Biodynamic Agricultural College since 2009 as a teacher, administrator and since 2016 as a trustee. Until recently he was a grower at Plawhatch Farm and currently works at Plumpton College as a program manager.